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[NEWS] Michelle lands role in BBC’s Ordinary Lies

by Melissa on Sep 23rd, 2014 • Categories: Articles, Television • Comments: 0

If you’ve been missing Miss Keegan’s face gracing your TV screens since her departure from Coronation Street back in May, have no fear, the wait will soon be over! News broke this week about the new BBC One drama series, Ordinary Lies, which is set to air in 2015. Ordinary Lies is a six part series from the creative minds behind Happy Valley and Last Tango in Halifax, RED Production Company, and Shameless director Danny Brocklehurst. Filming for the show will start this week.

Michelle took to her HELLO! blog to share her excitement and give a little insight about what the project is all about. “It’s set in the offices of a motor showroom, and is about the little white lies that people tell and how they can spiral out of control. The writing is amazing (the series is written by Emmy and BAFTA winner Danny Brocklehurst) and there’s a fantastic cast including Mackenzie Crook, Max Beesley, Jason Manford and Sally Linsday. My character is called Tracey, but I can’t tell you anything else about her just yet, don’t want to give anything away! I’m honoured to be working with such a talented group of actors and can’t wait to start filming… Oh and another great thing about this job is that it’s being filmed in my home town of Manchester! Yep, it’s back up the M6 for me for a while…!”

According to Digital Spy, Michelle’s character Tracey works at the motor showroom as a receptionist, and is a wannabe WAG who dreams of a life of luxury. What do you think of Michelle’s new gig? 2015 can’t come soon enough!

Presenting on Lorraine, Manchester Arndale

by Melissa on May 9th, 2014 • Categories: Articles, Images • Comments: 0

Michelle stood out from the crowds, May 9th, as she returned to Manchester with her first new job since leaving Coronation Street. The actress was back on home turf with her new TV presenting role on ITV’s Lorraine morning show. Alongside Mark Heyes, the duo have been announcing the nominees for the programme’s High Street Fashion Awards 2014.

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright on pre-Valentine’s break in Orlando

by Melissa on Feb 14th, 2014 • Categories: Articles, Images • Comments: 0

Being whizzed around theme parks had never appealed to 26-year-old Corrie star Michelle – not least because big dippers were a big turn-off. So the Irlam-raised stunner was more surprised than anyone that her week-long stay with other half Mark Wright in Orlando ticked her ‘ideal holiday’ boxes.

From checking into a fab villa, to eating mega portions of hotdogs, burgers, fries and downing cocktails when the sun came down – not forgetting visiting those theme parks – it was holiday heaven for Michelle and former TOWIE star turned Heart FM DJ and TV presenter Mark.

“When I was younger I never really fancied Florida,” says Michelle.“For me the ideal holiday meant a beach and a pool – somewhere in the Med. People kept telling me Orlando was amazing and unbelievable but I took a bit of persuading!” Now Michelle is even thinking of returning later this year when her she leaves the cobbles in highly dramatic storylines to be screened late in the summer. Poor old feisty barmaid Tina Mcintyre is set to get killed off – much to the disappointment of Michelle’s legions of fans who have voted her sexiest soap female five times.


‘I Was Surprised, Not Disappointed’: Michelle Admits Over Murder Storyline

by Melissa on Jan 19th, 2014 • Categories: Articles, Coronation Street • Comments: 0

Coronation Street actress Michelle Keegan has admitted that she wasn’t disappointed when she was told that her character on the soap – Tina McIntyre – was going to be killed off. Having decided to quit the soap last year, there was a lot of speculation about how Tina would leave the street. However, the speculation ended when Michelle revealed in an interview that her character was going to become the victim of murder. And now the actress has recalled how she felt when she was told that her character would be dying. Speaking to the Daily Star, Michelle who is engaged to former TOWIE star Mark Wright, said:

“When Stuart told me that Tina was going to be killed off I was surprised, not disappointed. Making my decision to leave was hard but in the back of my head I thought I might get the reassurance that one day I might be able to go back so it’s made it all final for me. But to have been given such a huge exit I quickly realised that it would be best to go out with a bang and I can’t wait as this storyline will be gripping.”

Confessing that she still doesn’t know who is going to kill Tina, Michelle continued to comment: “I have an idea who’s going to kill her but haven’t been told the full details yet. There are a few rumours flying around but I’ve got a meeting with Stuart coming up so I’m sure I’ll find out then.

“I’ve still got a few months left to film my exit and I’m really excited about what the future holds. Poor Tina has lost her way but she’s a good girl at heart. She’s struggling and she’s the one who’s going to end up getting hurt the most. But as we all know, the truth always comes out in the end.”

Meanwhile, the actress spoke of her chances of winning at the National Television Awards, insisting that her colleagues David Nelson and Julie Hesmondhalgh will win for Hayley’s cancer storyline. She said: “I don’t think I’m going to win it, not when you look at how David and Julie have played out their cancer storyline. There’s not been a dry eye in the room when either of them have come on screen. As long as someone from Corrie wins, that’s all I’m bothered about. I haven’t a clue what I’m going to wear yet, it’ll be all last minute as usual!”

Corrie Spoils: Carla catches Tina and Rob kissing

by Melissa on Dec 12th, 2013 • Categories: Articles, Coronation Street • Comments: 0

Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) is to throw herself at Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis) in the coming weeks as she tries to make Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) jealous. But events take an unexpected turn when Carla (Alison King) catches Tina and Rob kissing passionately in the backyard of the Rovers. Marc Baylis reveals all.

“Rob’s bricking it,” says Baylis. “Not because of Carla – she seems to find the whole thing amusing and Rob trusts her not to tell Tracy. What he’s worried about is Carla going home and telling Peter, his enemy, who also happens to be his girlfriend’s brother! He’s really panicked.”

So does Carla actually want Rob to pursue Tina? “She does, yes. She thinks it would be a great idea for him and Tina to be together. Carla can imagine him with someone more like Tina, rather than Tracy, although that is probably just Carla’s wishful thinking. She does egg him on a bit.”

Of course, one major repercussion of the kiss becoming common knowledge would be Rob experiencing the wrath of Tracy, a woman not known for taking such matters lightly. “It’s not even worth thinking about,” laughs Baylis. “She’d kill him. I don’t know that he’s necessarily afraid of Tracy, but he knows she’s not one to mess around with. God knows what she’d do to him!”

And does Rob have any inkling about what was going on between Tina and Peter in the run-up to the wedding? “Absolutely not. I suppose looking back, there might have been a couple of things he might have picked up on, but then why would he? He’s got no reason to go looking for clues about the two of them. If Rob did find out, I don’t think Peter would be in a good place. Carla is Rob’s sister and he’s always been protective of her where Peter’s concerned.”

See the drama unfold from Wednesday 18 December.

Cheryl Cole to join Michelle Keegan for Special Corrie Scene

by Melissa on Dec 12th, 2013 • Categories: Articles, Coronation Street, Images • Comments: 0

Cheryl Cole is to visit the Rovers Return as part of a specially written scene for this year’s Text Santa appeal. Scriptwriters on the ITV soap have penned a storyline that will see the Girls Aloud star arriving in Weatherfield looking for childhood friend Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan). The pair are expecting to be traveling to Newcastle for Cheryl’s mum’s Christmas party – but, this being soapland, events don’t go entirely to plan.

The pop singer said of her cameo: “Coronation Street has always been a part of my life, we’d all watch it as kids every night. It’s surreal to be part of something I’ve watched my whole life. It’s great to be able to support six wonderful charities and I really hope that this year’s appeal makes a difference to many lives.”

The charity fundraiser – which airs on Friday 20 December at 8pm on ITV – will also feature stars from such shows as Downton Abbey and Britain’s Got Talent highlighting the work of 2013’s chosen charities. The cast of Corrie is also expected to feature in behind-the-scenes footage from their Fairytale in Weatherfield sketch – a special song featuring The Pogues’ Shane MacGowan that will be part of the Text Santa online Advent Calendar.

Michelle Keegan Supports Help For Heroes

by Melissa on Dec 12th, 2013 • Categories: Articles, Images • Comments: 0

Michelle Keegan announces support for armed forces charity Help for Heroes. Help For Heroes is a UK based charity which offers practical, direct support for service persons, and veterans who have suffered life-changing injuries in service. Michelle said: “I am humbled to be able to “do my bit” to support the incredible work of Help for Heroes. I never fail to be amazed by the grit and determination of our armed forces and what they achieve both on and off the battlefield. Help for Heroes is one of those charities that really does make a real different to them and their families lives. I very much look forward to getting fully involved with the charity, meeting with some of our wounded serving personnel and veterans at Tedworth House and seeing for myself just what they have achieved and hopefully taking part in challenges and events to support them. I have nothing but huge respect and admiration for our military personnel.”

Bryn Parry, CEO and Co-Founder of Help for Heroes said: “It’s incredible to have such a high-profile person like Michelle supporting charity. We ask all of our supporters to “do their bit” and by having Michelle on board, we hope that she will help young people understand the incredible sacrifice that our brave men and women make on our behalf. We can’t thank her enough for her passion, kindness, support and commitment to helping heroes and look forward working with her to make their lives a little better.”

Corrie Spoilers: Liz warns Tina she’s playing with fire

by Melissa on Nov 19th, 2013 • Categories: Articles, Coronation Street • Comments: 0

Coronation Street’s Michelle Keegan tells Soaplife that it will kill Tina if Peter goes ahead and marries Carla… What? Literally?

Tina’s feelings for Peter seem to have come on rather suddenly…
“They didn’t really notice each other til Tina’s feud with Tracy, but there was a definite attraction then. Whenever Tina’s near Peter she feels completely out of control and even though she knows it’s wrong because of Carla, who Tina likes, she can’t help herself.”


Corrie Spoilers: Chris Gascoyne reveals all about Peter’s lust for Tina

by Melissa on Nov 19th, 2013 • Categories: Articles, Coronation Street • Comments: 0

Peter Barlow is no stranger to romantic complications, so you’d have to be very naïve to think that the preparations for his nuptials to Carla (Alison King) were going to be plain sailing. With Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) showing an interest in a vulnerable Simon (Alex Bain) and Carla seemingly more preoccupied by wedding dresses, it isn’t long before Peter’s attention starts to wander. But what will be Tina’s reaction when Peter confesses his feelings for her? Actor Chris Gascoyne fills us in on the web that is Peter’s love life:


Chris and Michelle: ‘Tina feels completely out of control with Peter’

by Melissa on Nov 12th, 2013 • Categories: Articles, Coronation Street • Comments: 0

Coronation Street stars Michelle Keegan and Chris Gascoyne tell TV Times magazine about the growing attraction between Peter and Tina.

What are Peter and Tina’s feelings for one another?
Michelle: “Peter had never come on to Tina’s radar before, but suddenly, she feels completely out of control. She has never felt like this about anyone before. She didn’t really have a passionate relationship with Tommy, but she can see herself having one with Peter.”
Chris: “Peter is really lustful for Tina. I think he almost sees a younger Carla in her somewhere. He found it really exciting when she put up a fight against Tracy. He admired her spirit and started to see her in a different light.”


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