The British Academy Television Awards

Michelle attended the awards last night and looked stunning.

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Michelle On Lemon Aid

Screencaps and video.

Video credits: BabesOfBritain, MichelleKFans, TheFemaleFormFan3

I would of uploaded my own but the audio was lagging.

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Michelle: “Ken Barlow Aalways Touches My Bum!”

Remember how ill you felt when Bill Roache – better known at Ken Barlow on Corrie – admitted he’d slept with over 1,000 women? Well, it doesn’t sound like he’s getting any less pervy with age.

Michelle Keegan has revealed he always touches her up when they’re on set together. We KNOW. Gross.

“I’m not joking, he’s always touching me on the bum,” Michelle says, probably being a little bit sick in her own mouth. “But because it’s Ken Barlow he gets away with it. He’s a legend.”

Poor Michelle – first her engagement to The Wanted’s Max George is called off, and then her 80-year-old co-star starts squeezing her bum.

READ MORE @ Mirror.

Coronation Street Star Michelle Doesn’t Think She’s Sexy

Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan has admitted that despite winning ‘sexiest female’ gongs time and time again, she doesn’t see herself as a “sexy person”.

The stunning 24-year-old, who has picked up Sexiest Female at The British Soap Awards for the last four years in a row, doesn’t appear to see the appeal she has on those around her.

Admitting she’s more comfortable dressing down than glamming up, the brunette beauty told the Daily Star: “I am very flattered but I find it strange because I’m not a sexy person. I’m quite a tomboy really.

“Today I’m wearing jeans, Converse trainers and a hoodie and that’s my normal everyday outfit.”

Michelle, who plays the role of Tina McIntyre in Corrie, continued to point out exactly why she’s “not a sexy person” by admitting she finds it uncomfortable to pose for set-up snaps – and very rarely likes to flash the flesh.


Michelle Treated By Paramedics After Corrie Fight Scenes

‘Coronation Street’s Michelle Keegan had to be treated by paramedics after filming tonight’s (09.05.12) fight scenes.

The brunette’s character Tina McIntyre will be left fighting for her life after being attacked by Terry Duckworth’s loan sharks and plucky Michelle was so concerned the scenes wouldn’t look real that she insisted on doing all her own stunts, leading to a suspected concussion.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: ”I wanted it to look as convincing as possible so I really went for it. They had a stunt guy and a paramedic on set and the paramedic checked my head, then checked my neck and told me to sit down and give it a few minutes.”

Although she ended up covered in bruises from the scenes, Michelle enjoyed the physical aspect of filming.

She said: ”I ended up with bruises on my upper arms and huge bruises on my thighs.


British Soap Awards

I have added 41 HQ’s from the awards.

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