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So, can you tell us why Tina attacks Kirsty?
“Tina just snaps. Tommy’s injured, he has lost his jobs, and now Jason is going to rent their flat to Julie… And Kirsty’s been involved in all that bad stuff. Tina’s had enough of the whole situation and confronts Kirsty in The Rovers. It escalates into a bit of a scuffle and Kirsty ends up falling backwards into one of the tables.”

And she goes into labour and Marcus has to deliver her baby!
“Obviously it was never Tina’s intention to cause that and she does feel guilty and is concerned about Kirsty’s condition. It’s not what she would have wished on anyone.”

And all this just after Tommy and Tyrone have made peace…
“Tommy really wants to support Tina and be loyal to her but, given the seriousness of the situation, even he tells Tina it was a stupid thing to have done.”

Which is pretty much what everyone else thinks…
“Right now, Tina and Tommy are public enemy number one. Even their friend Jason has turned on them. They now really don’t have any friends on the Street.”

No friends, no money. But we know that Tina comes up with a plan…
“Owen mentions that Izzy and Gary are looking at other surrogacy options as Katy is now not having their baby. Tina has an idea and the money aspect of it all is what motivates her. She knows Gary and Izzy are struggling. Being a nice person, Tina naturally wants to help them out but, first and foremost, she sees she can make some money out of being a surrogate. She needs to get her and Tommy out of debt and this is one way she can do that.”

But she doesn’t discuss it with Tommy first… Big mistake! What happens when he finds out?
“He’s not happy. He obviously thought that if and when Tina was to have a baby it would be theirs.”

And he gives Tina an ultimatum: him or the baby?
“It’s a dangerous ultimatum to put to Tina. Wanting the money isn’t only about Tommy. She saw her father suffer so badly because of his own financial woes and she sees this as a fresh start. She may well chose the surrogacy over Tommy!”

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