Coronation Street Star Michelle: I’m Genuinely Not Sexy « Michelle Keegan Daily –


TUNNING Corrie babe Michelle Keegan says fans don’t fancy her — they lust after her on-screen alter-ego Tina McIntyre.

The modest beauty insisted: “I’m genuinely not sexy.”

Michelle, 25, who picked up Best Actress at the TV Choice Awards last night, is regularly voted Sexiest Female in soap at the Britsh Soap Awards.

But the sexy lass said that she doesn’t feel any pressure to live up to the title — despite grabbing it four times.

She told TV Biz last night: “I think people vote for Tina.

“She doesn’t wear tight clothes, she doesn’t wear loads of make-up, she’s quite plain, I think girls can relate to that. I think they find that she’s so confident, a bit sexy.”

Speaking about her looks, she said: “I haven’t changed since day one. I still go out in my pyjamas to Tesco, hair up, no make-up.

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