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The clinic’s all booked for the embryo transfer… How’s Tina feeling about it?
“Nervous. Having talked about doing this for Izzy and Gary, the reality is starting to hit home. Tina knows it’s putting a strain on her and Tommy’s relationship, but she feels this is the only way for them to be debt-free and make a new start. There’s no going back once she’s pregnant, but she is determined to go ahead with the surrogacy.”

So what happens on the day of the appointment at the clinic?
“Tommy’s still blaming himself for what Tina is about to do and speaks to Rita about it. Rita tells him he must let Tina know his true feelings before it’s too late. He finally comes clean with her on the way to the clinic, stopping the car and pleading with her to reconsider.”

And he gives her an ultimatum…
“Tommy tells Tina if she insists on going ahead with it then their relationship is over. She’s devastated and knows this is one of the most important decisions she has ever had to make.”

And she doesn’t go to the clinic. What does she tell Gary and Izzy?
“Tina goes to see them later and explains what Tommy’s said and hopes that they’ll understand why she’s having second thoughts. It’s a difficult conversation for everyone involved.”

Tommy’s thrilled that she’s backed out – but then she tells Izzy the deal is back on!
“The fact that Izzy’s so understanding sets Tina thinking and she realises this is no longer just about the money. What she’s offering will change Izzy and Gary’s lives. Tina’s a very strong and independent character and she doesn’t like being given ultimatums. Tommy got them into this situation and she’s cross that he’s being so judgmental and difficult about it all. But now there’s a race against time to have the embryos implanted…”

But what if she and Tommy split up over this?
“Tina would be devastated, but she thinks Tommy really does love her and he won’t go through with his threat.

Source: Whats On Tv.

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