Coronation Street: Tina discovers Tyrone and Fiz’s affair – “It’s a shock,” says Michelle Keegan « Michelle Keegan Daily –


When Tyrone and Fiz embark on their clandestine affair later this month, they’ll be hoping to keep it hidden from their neighbours. But in the week before Christmas, Tina McIntyre will become privy to the secret after catching them mid-kiss:

“Tina sees Tyrone kissing Fiz, which obviously is a shock to her,” explains Michelle Keegan, who plays Tina. “She knew they had a history but that was it. And she thought Tyrone was doting on Kirsty. So it’s a shock and maybe a bit of a relief that Tyrone is with Fiz.”

Luckily for Tyrone and Fiz, Tina has no intention of telling the abusive Kirsty about what she has witnessed: “What happens is that Tina becomes their confidante and tries to get them together,” Keegan comments. “So she gives them her flat when she’s at work so that they can spend time together. She wants them to be together, but she knows that if Kirsty finds out, it wouldn’t happen. So she tries to keep it quiet as well.”

Speaking of the year ahead on Coronation Street and her hopes for Tina, the actress added: “I hope that her debts get paid off and that her and Tommy end up happy and not worrying about money anymore. But obviously that’s not going to happen because it’s a soap , so I’m sure there will be dramas along the way.”


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