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Coronation Street actress Michelle Keegan has admitted that she is worried about her character, Tina McIntyre, giving birth. Tina is currently pregnant after agreeing to be a surrogate for friends Izzy Armstrong and Gary Windass.

Keegan told the Daily Star Sunday: “I am starting to feel a little terrified. I’m already thinking about giving birth and how I’m going to play it. Soap births are always so dramatic and I’m sure this one will be no different. But I’m feeling really lucky to have such a great storyline. It’s making me very broody. There seem to be so many babies on the set at the moment, which isn’t helping. I’ve always said I’ve wanted four children.”

Discussing whether Tina will want to keep the baby once its born, Michelle told the Radio Times: “It might happen because it is a natural thing to give birth and bond with the child. But she’s gone into this with the mindset that this is not her child. She knows how much Gary and Izzy want this baby and she’s going to give them the gift. So, if I’m honest, I can’t see Tina wanting to keep the baby because of her friendship with Gary and Izzy.”

During filming, Keegan wears a prosthetic pregnancy bump.

She said: “It’s just been upgraded, actually. I’ve now started using the five-and-a-half month pregnancy bump and I love it for a couple of reasons. One: it keeps me warm because it’s freezing in Manchester. And two: when I’m having my dinner I can rest my plate on it.”


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