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She may have just picked up her fifth British Soap Award for Sexiest Female but Michelle Keegan thinks that there’ll be a reassessment once viewers witness Tina McIntyre give birth. “Sexiest female? Viewers will change their mind once they see these scenes. Definitely!” In next week’s episodes, the surrogate mum goes into labour on the same day as the newly refurbished Rovers reopens. The baby isn’t due for another two months, but this isn’t the only bit of bad timing: there’s also the problem of Izzy (Cherylee Houston) having just found out about the pass that Gary (Mikey North) made at Tina:

“Gary thinks that Tina’s going to tell someone that he came on to her, so he asks her to meet him in the backyard of the Rovers so he can have a word,” explains Keegan. “Izzy’s suspicious so she follows them and overhears Tina saying something about his ‘dirty little secret’. So Izzy confronts Gary and Tina basically blurts out the truth because she’s had enough. And that’s how Izzy finds out.” Read the full article.

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