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Michelle has teased her many admirers with the admission that she wouldn’t rule out getting naked for an acting role – or even Playboy. But the ‘Coronation Street’ star says there’s one thing holding her back – her dad.

When she was asked if she’d ever strip for a role by The Mirror, she said: “I don’t know if I could because my dad might watch it, but if it was a good role, I might. The thought scares me, but if it’s not too graphic, I’d do it.”

And she also revealed she’d still consider posing in the buff for Playboy – as long as it was tasteful. “When I first started on Corrie, I’d have said yes to Playboy.” she admitted. “And now? Never say never, and it can look classy, but it’s the whole thing of sitting there thinking, ‘I’m actually naked’.”

But for now at least, it seems Michelle is keeping everything under wraps for her boyfriend, former ‘TOWIE’ star, Mark Wright, although she’s not about to admit if he’s ‘the one’.

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