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Peter Barlow is no stranger to romantic complications, so you’d have to be very naïve to think that the preparations for his nuptials to Carla (Alison King) were going to be plain sailing. With Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) showing an interest in a vulnerable Simon (Alex Bain) and Carla seemingly more preoccupied by wedding dresses, it isn’t long before Peter’s attention starts to wander. But what will be Tina’s reaction when Peter confesses his feelings for her? Actor Chris Gascoyne fills us in on the web that is Peter’s love life:

What are Peter’s feelings towards Carla as their wedding day nears?
Peter loves the absolute bones of Carla. She’s the love of his life, there’s no denying that. But Peter has his flaws and he can’t always resist temptation. Also, with everything going on with the bookies and the factory over the past few months, he does feel a bit neglected by Carla and as though she’s making all the decisions for him.

So is working and living with Carla proving too much for Peter?
No I don’t think that’s it – they’re a team and they work well as a team. I think Peter has been finding his feet in the factory too, so he’s finally getting over the situation with the bookies.

Do you think their relationship has got back on track since he felt she was emasculating him?
Yes and no. He’s certainly enjoying being in the factory and he’s grown used to sharing a business rather than having his own. But then he’s finding himself looking at Tina, so there’s something he’s not getting from Carla. He even tells Tina that despite everything Carla’s done for him, he’s still not happy. He can’t put his finger on it – he knows he loves Carla deeply, so he can’t find what it is.

What is it about Tina that interests him? Why is he drawn to her?
Tina has turned Peter’s head at a point where Carla was busy with planning the wedding and looking after the factory. Tina comes along and starts to help them out with Simon, which is probably part of the appeal. He also finds her exciting when he sees how feisty she is when she puts up a fight against Tracy. He admires Tina’s spirit and he sees her in a different light. He’s lustful after her – he almost sees a younger Carla in her somewhere as well. Peter also knows that Tina is attracted to him too, which tempts him further.

What is Tina’s relationship with Simon like?
They get on like a house on fire. Simon hasn’t really bonded with Carla, but he loves spending time with Tina. Carla’s obviously grateful for Tina’s help as it means she can crack on with the factory and the wedding – but if anything Tina’s concern for Simon when he’s being bullied just makes Peter even more annoyed at Carla’s lack of interest.

When it becomes clear that there is an attraction between the two of them, does he start to think that maybe her looking after Simon isn’t such a good idea?
Peter knows it isn’t a good idea, but he really doesn’t want her to stop seeing her and he also knows she’s good for Simon. Peter finds her exciting and I think that’s what he first found appealing about Carla. When Tina first suggests to him that it might be best if she gives up child-minding, it’s both Simon and Peter who beg her not to. They both need her.

Is there an immediate chemistry between the two of them?
There’s definitely a spark that they’ve never noticed before, but then again they haven’t really had much to do with each other in the past. When he notices the fight in her against Tracy, she really catches his eye. There’s something about her that he can’t get out of his mind.

Can you tell us a bit about how he feels when he finds out that Simon is being bullied?
He feels awful about it, obviously. Especially as Simon’s had so much to deal with in the past, Peter probably does feel as though he’s taken his eye off the ball and is really thankful for Tina being there.

Is Carla not much of a support?
It’s not that Carla’s not supportive, just that she finds it hard to relate to things like this. She’s also so busy planning the wedding and looking after the factory. I think with Tina on Peter’s mind, Carla’s wedding fuss makes him even angrier, especially with all of the problems they’ve had with Simon.

But is he aware that he’s playing with fire with Tina?
Of course he is. But then Peter’s a dab hand at this sort of thing! He wants to have his cake and eat it too. Tina’s new to this and is more anxious about it than Peter. Of course, he knows it’s wrong, but then he justifies it by telling himself that he loves Carla dearly and is prepared to marry her. He’s lustful over Tina, he desires her, but it’s Carla he loves.

Does anyone else notice the chemistry between Tina and Peter?
Liz is onto them right from the word go. But aside from that, they have quite a good cover up for being around each other because of Tina’s relationship with Simon.

What happens at the stag do?
Rob is really winding Peter up over the poor head count at his stag do. Tina and Liz have to step in and break up a fight and Tina follows Peter out into the backyard. They come really close to kissing until Liz comes out and stops anything from happening. She’s well onto them.

Why does Peter apologise to Tina? Will he be able to resist her?
He apologises for getting carried away. They both know what’s going on at this point, but they just haven’t said it out loud. Peter isn’t one to resist temptation though.

Are you excited about the wedding episodes?
Coronation Street weddings are always the ones to watch aren’t they? Whatever happens I think it will be brilliant. Peter’s had a good go at weddings though, hasn’t he? This will be his fifth after all?!

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