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Coronation Street’s Michelle Keegan tells Soaplife that it will kill Tina if Peter goes ahead and marries Carla… What? Literally?

Tina’s feelings for Peter seem to have come on rather suddenly…
“They didn’t really notice each other til Tina’s feud with Tracy, but there was a definite attraction then. Whenever Tina’s near Peter she feels completely out of control and even though she knows it’s wrong because of Carla, who Tina likes, she can’t help herself.”

And looking after Simon keeps her close to Peter…
“Definitely. When things start to heat up between Tina and Peter she tells him it might be best that she doesn’t mind Simon any more. Being around each other seems to be making both of them want each other even more.”

Is her head telling her one thing and her heart another?
“Yes. She knows it’s completely wrong to fall for a man who’s about to get married and who has so much baggage. But she just can’t help the way he makes her feel.”

Does anyone notice the attraction between them?
“Liz is onto them. She catches Tina and Peter looking flustered in the Rovers’ backyard. She repeatedly warns Tina to stay away from Peter and says she’s playing with fire. Tina knows Liz is right, but she can’t stay away.”

What happens when she goes to Peter’s the night before his wedding?
“She asks him if he knows what he’s doing… He’s told her he isn’t happy even though he’s about to get married. Tina knows Peter’s drawn to her, too. When she turns up, Peter’s about to cave in to the bottle. but Tina’s arrival stops him.”

Then Carla comes home…
“Yes, but Carla isn’t suspicious. She’s so busy with the wedding and the factory, it doesn’t cross her mind. Carla’s really grateful to Tina for stopping Peter from drinking – which makes Tina feel worse.”

How will Tina cope if Peter marries Carla?
“It would kill her. I don’t know whether she’d be able to stay around and watch their marriage unfold. The thought of being the ‘other woman’ pains her but the thought of not being near Peter at all hurts her even more.”

How are you feeling about leaving Coronation Street, Michelle?
“I’ll be sad to say goodbye, but I’m excited about what the next few months hold for Tina. I’ve been told about four possible stories that are on the cards for her and they are all fantastic!”

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