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She’s spent much of 2018 in LA with husband Mark Wright, but what’s next for Michelle Keegan? A permanent move to the US, perhaps? Look’s Lucy Devine finds out…

Who would Michelle Keegan like to be for 24 hours? Meghan Markle. What did she love about attending the Oscars after-party earlier this year? The free bar. Why does she wear hats on planes? She can’t be bothered to do her hair. We love chatting to Michelle. Not because this writer is also from Manchester (OK, that’s a big part of it) but because she’s honest, hilarious and if her story about a week in Ibiza with her mates is anything to go by, she really is all of us (more on that later).

LA life suits Michelle. She looks happier than we’ve ever seen her – a combination of having the flexibility to work out more, the freedom to travel back and forth between the UK and the States and of course, being able to spend time with husband, Mark Wright, 31.

Catching up with the 30-year-old for the launch of her latest Michelle Keegan for Very.co.uk collection, the actress is telling us all about her summer plans, whether she’s setting up home across the pond with Mark, and reveals the beauty buys she always takes on holiday…

We love the new Very collection, what’s your fave piece?
It’s hard, I’m always changing my mind, but I love the red and white striped dress. It looks so cool. The polka-dot dress, too. Wearing that to a wedding would look amazing.

What are your essential holiday beauty products?
An Elemis cleanser, and Rodial’s Rose Gold Moisturiser, as well as their Rose Gold Serum – it just gives your face a really nice dewy look. I’m not an ambassador for them or anything [laughs], they’re just amazing. I always take a Laura Mercier Soufflé Body Crème, too – they smell so nice and make your skin glowy with a bit of a shimmer.

What’s your airport uniform?
I need to be comfortable, and I’m not the kind to get changed on the plane because I can’t be bothered with that, so I’ll wear leggings or comfy trousers with a vest underneath and a jumper. A comfy bra, always, and a hat as I don’t want to be doing my hair.

Did you ever do the classic girls’ holiday when you were younger?
Oh yeah! I went to Ibiza with the girls when I was 17 – we still talk about it even now. We went to a beach and the cocktails were really expensive, so we just nipped to a corner shop and bought a bottle of Lambrini each – a litre – and took them on the beach. Straight out of the bottle, not even a straw. And last year, we all went to Magaluf for my birthday [laughs].

You’ve been back and forth to LA. Are you and Mark planning on staying there longer?
Mark’s contract is in LA – for now – but he’s coming back in May, because he’s covering the royal wedding for a few weeks, so we’ve got a bit of normalityat home. Then in June, we’ve got his brother’s wedding in Majorca, and then he’s going back to LA and I’ll probably go with him. At the minute, it’s good because we’re just seeing what happens, we’re not planning anything. Mark loves it out there and I can pick and choose. I can go out and see him for a month instead of thinking I couldn’t even see him for a weekend.

Are you enjoying it out there?
Yeah, it’s great for me. Last year, I couldn’t work out because of my job. Now, it’s like a retreat. Mark goes to work, I go to the gym, do a bit of yoga, have a healthy breakfast.

What’s the best party you’ve been to recently?
The Oscars party this year, held at the Beverly Wilshire. I was able to take my dad and stepmum with Mark, too. Jamie Foxx was there and Katy Perry – it was a pinch myself moment and my dad absolutely loved it. Free bar, too!

If you could swap lives with someone for a day, who’d it be?
Meghan Markle. Especially now she’s getting married – I want to see what she will be wearing, what they are planning on the day and what food they’ve chosen.

You could swap on the actual wedding day…
Yeah, I could! Princess for the day [laughs].

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