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Actress Michelle Keegan has great style, as you can tell from a quick scroll through her Instagram – so it’s no wonder online clothing brand Very work with her regularly on clothing edits.

The latest collection for spring/summer 2022 dropped just today, so we caught up with the Our Girl star to chat all things fashion.

Hi Michelle! What is it that you love about your latest Very edit?
The collection is really bright and vibrant. My Very edits are always really personal; it’s what I like to wear, so I’ve always got something to wear out with the girls!

Which pieces have you been living in?
There’s a few midi dresses I’m wearing with flats in the daytime. A flowing midi dress is my go-to dress style and there’s a high-neck red and pink one in the collection that I love. That and the white [broderie anglaise] one with cut-out sides are my favourite dresses.
There’s also these hot pink wide-leg trousers that the stylist teamed with a pink and peach crochet top. I would never have put them together but it just looks so cool and I think that’s my favourite look of the whole collection.

Which spring/summer 2022 trends are you a fan of at the moment?
For me, it’s bold colours. In lockdown and through winter everything felt quite muted, but now the sun’s out and we can go out and wear bright colours, that’s really fun. It puts me in a better mood.

What do you wear when you’re at home?
If I’m working, my go-to is a tracksuit or gymwear; I’m up quite early so something easy that I can stick on and feel comfortable in. It’s very rare that I’m glam – in summer it’s a throw-on maxi dress with no makeup and my hair shoved up.

Do you have a styling trick for days when you feel a bit ‘meh’?
It’s not really a styling trick but washing my hair always makes me feel better. And slouchy clothes can make me feel a bit ‘eurgh’, so to perk myself up I’ll get dressed properly in high-waisted jeans and a vest – still casual, but it’s not the loungewear I sit on the couch and watch Netflix in.

What’s your go-to holiday look?
It’s a different kind of heat when you’re abroad so I just want to wear things that I can feel comfortable in. I don’t like wearing restrictive or tight clothes on holiday, I tend to keep things casual. I gravitate towards pastels like mint and peach a lot and I love wearing crisp white when on holiday.

Do you have any nifty suitcase packing tips that you swear by?
My friend who’s a stylist taught me this one. Say if I’m going away for seven days, I lay out seven day outfits, with the shoes, accessories and everything, and then I do the same for my night outfits. I take pictures of each whole look and then pack it in order of Monday outfit, Tuesday outfit etc.

What’s your most prized possession?
My most prized possession would have to be the first designer handbag I ever bought. I used to work in Selfridges and, as I walked through the handbag department to go for lunch each day, I would try on all the bags. So when I got my first pay check from Corrie, I went back to Selfridges and bought myself a Chloé bag. I didn’t go classic, I went for bright purple and it’s 16 years old now so it’s so out of date, but it’s got a lot of sentimental value to it.

If your wardrobe was on fire, which three pieces would you save?
Definitely the Chloé bag. I would also save my wedding shoes. I was obsessed with them – they’re metallic Terry de Havilland platforms and on the bottom of the sole is my initials in crystals.
I’d also save my prom dress. I was obsessed with Friends growing up (and I still am, my dog is named after Phoebe) and I was in love with that pastel green dress that Rachel wears [in series 3, episode 13 ‘The One Where No One’s Ready’]. I found a really similar mint green dress with spaghetti straps for my prom and I’ve still got it now in my memory box. It’s simple, classic and timeless – if I could fit in it now I would still wear it.

Of all the characters you’ve played on screen, whose wardrobe have you wanted to steal the most?
I’d steal Tina Moore’s wardrobe from when I played her in Tina & Bobby. In eight weeks of filming we went through three decades, the 60s, 70s and 80s, and seeing how fashion evolved through the years was amazing. I remember thinking how lucky I was to wear these beautiful vintage pieces.
The outfit I loved wearing the most was the yellow Chanel suit I wore to shoot the 1966 World Cup scenes. I remember Tina telling me about it and how she couldn’t believe she was wearing something so glamorous.

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