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Actress Michelle Keegan has great style, as you can tell from a quick scroll through her Instagram – so it’s no wonder online clothing brand Very work with her regularly on clothing edits.

The latest collection for spring/summer 2022 dropped just today, so we caught up with the Our Girl star to chat all things fashion.

Hi Michelle! What is it that you love about your latest Very edit?
The collection is really bright and vibrant. My Very edits are always really personal; it’s what I like to wear, so I’ve always got something to wear out with the girls!

Which pieces have you been living in?
There’s a few midi dresses I’m wearing with flats in the daytime. A flowing midi dress is my go-to dress style and there’s a high-neck red and pink one in the collection that I love. That and the white [broderie anglaise] one with cut-out sides are my favourite dresses.
There’s also these hot pink wide-leg trousers that the stylist teamed with a pink and peach crochet top. I would never have put them together but it just looks so cool and I think that’s my favourite look of the whole collection.

Which spring/summer 2022 trends are you a fan of at the moment?
For me, it’s bold colours. In lockdown and through winter everything felt quite muted, but now the sun’s out and we can go out and wear bright colours, that’s really fun. It puts me in a better mood.

What do you wear when you’re at home?
If I’m working, my go-to is a tracksuit or gymwear; I’m up quite early so something easy that I can stick on and feel comfortable in. It’s very rare that I’m glam – in summer it’s a throw-on maxi dress with no makeup and my hair shoved up.

Do you have a styling trick for days when you feel a bit ‘meh’?
It’s not really a styling trick but washing my hair always makes me feel better. And slouchy clothes can make me feel a bit ‘eurgh’, so to perk myself up I’ll get dressed properly in high-waisted jeans and a vest – still casual, but it’s not the loungewear I sit on the couch and watch Netflix in.

What’s your go-to holiday look?
It’s a different kind of heat when you’re abroad so I just want to wear things that I can feel comfortable in. I don’t like wearing restrictive or tight clothes on holiday, I tend to keep things casual. I gravitate towards pastels like mint and peach a lot and I love wearing crisp white when on holiday.

Do you have any nifty suitcase packing tips that you swear by?
My friend who’s a stylist taught me this one. Say if I’m going away for seven days, I lay out seven day outfits, with the shoes, accessories and everything, and then I do the same for my night outfits. I take pictures of each whole look and then pack it in order of Monday outfit, Tuesday outfit etc.

What’s your most prized possession?
My most prized possession would have to be the first designer handbag I ever bought. I used to work in Selfridges and, as I walked through the handbag department to go for lunch each day, I would try on all the bags. So when I got my first pay check from Corrie, I went back to Selfridges and bought myself a Chloé bag. I didn’t go classic, I went for bright purple and it’s 16 years old now so it’s so out of date, but it’s got a lot of sentimental value to it.

If your wardrobe was on fire, which three pieces would you save?
Definitely the Chloé bag. I would also save my wedding shoes. I was obsessed with them – they’re metallic Terry de Havilland platforms and on the bottom of the sole is my initials in crystals.
I’d also save my prom dress. I was obsessed with Friends growing up (and I still am, my dog is named after Phoebe) and I was in love with that pastel green dress that Rachel wears [in series 3, episode 13 ‘The One Where No One’s Ready’]. I found a really similar mint green dress with spaghetti straps for my prom and I’ve still got it now in my memory box. It’s simple, classic and timeless – if I could fit in it now I would still wear it.

Of all the characters you’ve played on screen, whose wardrobe have you wanted to steal the most?
I’d steal Tina Moore’s wardrobe from when I played her in Tina & Bobby. In eight weeks of filming we went through three decades, the 60s, 70s and 80s, and seeing how fashion evolved through the years was amazing. I remember thinking how lucky I was to wear these beautiful vintage pieces.
The outfit I loved wearing the most was the yellow Chanel suit I wore to shoot the 1966 World Cup scenes. I remember Tina telling me about it and how she couldn’t believe she was wearing something so glamorous.

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She’s spent much of 2018 in LA with husband Mark Wright, but what’s next for Michelle Keegan? A permanent move to the US, perhaps? Look’s Lucy Devine finds out…

Who would Michelle Keegan like to be for 24 hours? Meghan Markle. What did she love about attending the Oscars after-party earlier this year? The free bar. Why does she wear hats on planes? She can’t be bothered to do her hair. We love chatting to Michelle. Not because this writer is also from Manchester (OK, that’s a big part of it) but because she’s honest, hilarious and if her story about a week in Ibiza with her mates is anything to go by, she really is all of us (more on that later).

LA life suits Michelle. She looks happier than we’ve ever seen her – a combination of having the flexibility to work out more, the freedom to travel back and forth between the UK and the States and of course, being able to spend time with husband, Mark Wright, 31.

Catching up with the 30-year-old for the launch of her latest Michelle Keegan for collection, the actress is telling us all about her summer plans, whether she’s setting up home across the pond with Mark, and reveals the beauty buys she always takes on holiday…

We love the new Very collection, what’s your fave piece?
It’s hard, I’m always changing my mind, but I love the red and white striped dress. It looks so cool. The polka-dot dress, too. Wearing that to a wedding would look amazing.

What are your essential holiday beauty products?
An Elemis cleanser, and Rodial’s Rose Gold Moisturiser, as well as their Rose Gold Serum – it just gives your face a really nice dewy look. I’m not an ambassador for them or anything [laughs], they’re just amazing. I always take a Laura Mercier Soufflé Body Crème, too – they smell so nice and make your skin glowy with a bit of a shimmer.

What’s your airport uniform?
I need to be comfortable, and I’m not the kind to get changed on the plane because I can’t be bothered with that, so I’ll wear leggings or comfy trousers with a vest underneath and a jumper. A comfy bra, always, and a hat as I don’t want to be doing my hair.

Did you ever do the classic girls’ holiday when you were younger?
Oh yeah! I went to Ibiza with the girls when I was 17 – we still talk about it even now. We went to a beach and the cocktails were really expensive, so we just nipped to a corner shop and bought a bottle of Lambrini each – a litre – and took them on the beach. Straight out of the bottle, not even a straw. And last year, we all went to Magaluf for my birthday [laughs].

You’ve been back and forth to LA. Are you and Mark planning on staying there longer?
Mark’s contract is in LA – for now – but he’s coming back in May, because he’s covering the royal wedding for a few weeks, so we’ve got a bit of normalityat home. Then in June, we’ve got his brother’s wedding in Majorca, and then he’s going back to LA and I’ll probably go with him. At the minute, it’s good because we’re just seeing what happens, we’re not planning anything. Mark loves it out there and I can pick and choose. I can go out and see him for a month instead of thinking I couldn’t even see him for a weekend.

Are you enjoying it out there?
Yeah, it’s great for me. Last year, I couldn’t work out because of my job. Now, it’s like a retreat. Mark goes to work, I go to the gym, do a bit of yoga, have a healthy breakfast.

What’s the best party you’ve been to recently?
The Oscars party this year, held at the Beverly Wilshire. I was able to take my dad and stepmum with Mark, too. Jamie Foxx was there and Katy Perry – it was a pinch myself moment and my dad absolutely loved it. Free bar, too!

If you could swap lives with someone for a day, who’d it be?
Meghan Markle. Especially now she’s getting married – I want to see what she will be wearing, what they are planning on the day and what food they’ve chosen.

You could swap on the actual wedding day…
Yeah, I could! Princess for the day [laughs].

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We left Georgie in Somalia at the end of season two. What’s happened since and has anything changed?
This season we pick up with Georgie at home with her friends and family, and she gets a call from Captain James asking her to come out to Nepal for a NGO relief mission. She’s still independent, not with Elvis, putting her career first and loving being in the Army.

What about Jamie?
Unfortunately there’s no news of Jamie! He’s probably settled down, got married and still a doctor!

Have you had to go to Bootcamp for this series?
Yes we did Bootcamp just like last year and we did it in Sandhurst and South Africa. We work alongside people who are in the Army and it’s about getting us in the mind-set of being back in the Army, running drills, how to hold a weapon, discipline, all about your kit and a lot of medical skills. I’ve learnt so much. I know how to use a tourniquet, a bandage, I know how to stitch, how to do CPR and a lot of technical bits too.

What’s the shooting schedule been like for a commission of 12 episodes?
I have been filming since end of April and we had Bootcamp the week before that. We filmed in Nepal for two weeks, then to South Africa until end of July. Then we flew to Malaysia for the next mission so it’s a long shooting schedule!

What’s been your favourite scene to shoot in the new series?
My favourite scene so far has been a bust up with Georgie and Elvis; we have a row where there’s a lot of frustration and a lot of jealousy but the love is still there. It was a great scene to film.

There’s a new member of 2-Section, Maisie. What can you tell us about her?
Maisie is very strong natured and it’s very challenging for Georgie as she’s her mentor. She has to look after her and keep her in check but Maisie is a bit of a rebel. At the end of the last episode they do come together as a team and it’s a bit of girl power. They are a strong force to be reckoned with.

The finale of this series is big. What was it like to film?
Filming the last episode was epic.

How would you describe Georgie in three words?
Strong, independent and a romantic.

Do you think you and Georgie would be friends in real life?
I do think we’d be friends in real life, I think she’s a girl’s girl. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and I love her attitude. She looks after number one but also looks after everyone else.

What have been the challenges from this block? Have you had any injuries from any of the stunts this mission?
It’s been a lot more physically demanding than the first one, definitely. There are a lot more stunts involved, more Army-based scenes and a lot more running which I’m not very good at! I’ve had to learn how to run like I’m in the Army – nightmare!

When we join Georgie in episode one, how does she feel about Elvis?
We join Georgie and Elvis in episode one in Syria where they left things on an even keel. They are work colleagues but there is still love there. Georgie still believes they can’t be together but Elvis still tries his luck a couple of times. Obviously Elvis is a ladies’ man but she does find out a few things she doesn’t like. She tries to be professional but deep down I think she’s genuinely hurt.

Have you picked up any bruises from filming?
I’ve been covered in bruises!

Finally, have you bought any comfort items with you from home for the long shoot?
I wanted to feel at home so I’ve brought Yorkshire Tea Bags in my suitcase, as well as my slippers!

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The Our Girl actress has admitted that she’s just not confident wearing bright colours, we’re not quite sure we believe her, but we’re going with it anyway.
Mark Wright’s wife has opened up in an exclusive interview with OK! Online as she launches her latest collection with Lipsy, where she also discussed the pressure of the fashion industry.
The spring summer 2017 range is a little different to what we are used to, boasting ruffles, florals and embroidery with a predominantly pastel palette.
Here’s our exclusive interview with the 29 year old as her SS17 collection officially drops online…

Congratulations on another collection! How have you made this one even better than the others?
I think this collection in particular looks our best one yet. Every time I work on a new collection I feel like we come up with something so fresh and on trend, but yet the pieces are always so easy to wear.The sherbet pastel tones and subtle tonal embroideries are especially beautiful in my opinion.

Your style is talked about SO much. Do you ever feel pressure and how do you cope with that?
I don’t feel pressure at all really. I don’t think anyone should feel pressure, everyone should dress how you want, and what you feel comfortable in.

With spring just around the corner what can we expect to see you in and why do you love it so much?
My personal favourite piece that I am dying to wear is the oriental embroidered bandeau dress in the mint colour. It is such a stunning fabric and love the bandeau neckline for SS17.

You’ve been experimenting with your hair and style a lot recently, what trend are you too scared to try?
I am not very confident wearing bright colours, or statement outfits. I usually wear more classic outfits.

You shot your new Lipsy line in LA. How much did you love the place and what’s your top tips?
Take trainers. There is a lot of walking. Also get a good moisturiser with a SPF in it, because the sun is always shining in LA.

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Having your own fashion collection has its perks – and for Michelle Keegan, one of the biggest perks is jetting to Hollywood to shoot the photos for her new campaign! The stunning actress has spent almost three years at the helm of her own Lipsy fashion line, and this week Michelle is back with even more style inspiration for spring-summer. The Our Girl star chatted to HELLO! ahead of the launch of her latest collection, revealing the trends she’s championing for the new season and her highlights of her trip to Los Angeles.

We love the white off-the-shoulder lacy number in one of our exclusive images. What do you think of this top, and when/ how would you wear it?
I really love the off the shoulder look right now, especially for spring summer with a tan. The fabric is so gorgeous and feminine – I love the 3D detailing and sheer sleeves, it’s just so flattering. I think it’s cute with light coloured ankle grazer jeans to wear in the day with jewelled sandals for brunch with the girls.

What are the top trends you’ve incorporated into this collection?
I always make sure that I incorporate the trends that suit my customer best, keeping everything feminine and soft but with key trend details mixed in. Oriental florals were a big influence, they’re delicate, girly and so easy to wear – I think our girl will really love them. I’m a big fan of all the sherbet pastel tones in this collection too, they’re just so fresh and fun for spring summer.

What accessories complete a spring/ summer outfit? Why?
You always need a good pair of sunnies! Pick a pair that suits your face shape and they’ll look good with every outfit. Right now I’m loving metal framed sunglasses like the Lipsy ones I wore in the photoshoot. They’re just the perfect finishing piece for pulled together style. For more dressed up looks, my go to accessory is a sparkly clutch bag, they add a touch of elegance and they work for every occasion from date nights to weddings.

What was it like shooting this collection in LA?
Amazing. I really, really enjoyed it, I had such a great time. It is one of my favourite places to go. There’s just something in the air out there, you literally feel like you’re in a movie. Also, shooting in a 1950s Beverly Hills cliff top mansion felt like I was stepping right back into old school Hollywood glamour.

Do you think people dress differently out there?
I think they are more casual in the day. They lead a healthy lifestyle out there, so a lot of people wear gym gear throughout the whole day, and then dress up in the evening. So it is very casual cool sporty outfits.

What do you love about the way women in LA dress?
Everything is very stripped back, especially in the day. I love how they can wear gym wear and trainers to work. I also love how a lot of girls don’t wear a lot of make-up. They all have beautiful glowing skin because of all the sunshine in LA. Everyone looks very fresh and stripped back.

What do you like most about the lifestyle out there?
It is very positive. Everyone seems very happy and it is a very healthy lifestyle. I think that must have something to do with the weather too!

What’s your favourite place in LA and did you get to go there during this Lipsy trip?
I like Rodeo Drive, just because one of my favourite films is Pretty Women. I love Julia Roberts, so I loved walking down that street and going to see the Beverly Wiltshire. I also loved going for brunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel, which has a lot of history surrounding Hollywood.

What are your plans for spring/ summer – do you have any holidays lined up?
Well, around that time I will be filming Our Girl, which is so exciting, but no holidays planned yet!

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